Editable with ContentTools Plugin Demo

You can edit this page right here. Well, most of it...

This demo let's you try editing Grav Markdown content using the ContentTools WYSIWYG editor.
Simply click the pen icon on the left to start editing.

Want to know what regions are editable? Hold down the Shift key for about 3 seconds and see.

Not all content from a page can be turned into editable regions such as this one. Refer to the plugin documentation to read what can be edited and why.

For obvious reasons, saving is disabled.

Say Hello to Grav!

installation successful...

Congratulations! You have installed the Base Grav Package that provides a simple page and the default Quark theme to get you started.

If you see a 404 Error when you click Typography in the menu, please refer to the troubleshooting guide.

Find out all about Grav

  • Learn about Grav by checking out our dedicated Learn Grav site.
  • Download plugins, themes, as well as other Grav skeleton packages from the Grav Downloads page.
  • Check out our Grav Development Blog to find out the latest goings on in the Grav-verse.

If you want a more full-featured base install, you should check out Skeleton packages available in the downloads.